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Quick Details

Canoe Typically sits two
Extra Canoe Seat
Single Kayak Fits one passenger
Tandem Kayak Fits two passengers

Lafayette Trace Canoe/Kayak Trip

Check-in /park at our River Ave livery, depart via shuttle to the drop-in UP RIVER at the Lafayette Trace Park (~15 miles) access point for a 5.5-8 hour float back to the River Ave livery. This trip requires the portage around the low-head dam at Clare across from the Rusty Oar property. You’ll need to be physically capable of carrying (not dragging) your canoe/kayak and gear on the portage.

Important Note: Please read the info regarding the portage HERE.

Tuesdays and Thursdays (May 30th – Aug 31st) 9:00 am only (not available early and late season or holiday dates/weeks April-Memorial Day / Labor Day-October).

Must be booked at least a day in advance. No same-day walk-ins.


White River map